Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is something that varies from person to person. It's major priority is peoples' perception i.e. a man with russet hair or blue coloured eyeball may be considered more elegant by some people than one with crooked noses or beer bellies.

What mainly defines beauty is you and your heart, your traits or features disliked by you can be liked by the world around you .You might ponder over your elegance sitting behind the mirror with a creepy thought how the world would look upon you but mind that, an adorable person is determined by his heart not by his countenance.

Let's consider the present scenario where this quote rarely exist; where the flock is heading up with all the surgeries to look beautiful; where the teens are tending to do with their dietary; where people want to be like Pamela Anderson or Carmel Electra; where people with crooked noses or beer bellies become a point of humour. In a nutshell, everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.

Concluding, 'You need eyes to judge beauty and heart to sense it.'

Panthini Trivedi
XI C, Tejas Vidyalaya


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