Management - Have a niche to avoid glitch

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Well, what does “management “as a word implies? Have you ever thought on this or given your heart to have it understood?

Though it’s too generic and it’s getting applied in almost all the areas of the professions and person life, one can call “Management “as the term used to manage things in order to get specific result. Be it work and life management, time management, self-management or even any area specific management like HRM management, SCM management,

and IT management or even now a day monthly home budget management where what all you need is “niche to avoid glitch”. To be precise and redefine the terminology I would say “Management means how with available resources and in given stipulated time frame a person conducts the work assigned to her and him effectively. Say, a step by step undertaking of execution which doesn’t hamper the expected end result is what you called a good management process”.

The wider spectrum of the term sometimes confuses us even, people these days combines “Management “as a post fix of any activity or concept and defines its functionality too… like process management, techno management, time management, life management, human resource management etc…the study of management and the management profession both are different and as I already said we have to bring this vague and wide term of the word “Management “ together by making it area specific and so we can have a niche on whatever management centric topic we opt for.

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Not only managing work and professional role is important but also managing life role is equally important to avoid glitch of any types.

Fine, the simple step involves in management of any sort could be demarcated as …

  • 1.The core of the concept - the pivot of the process :

    What are you looking to achieve at? is the key question here, the core of the concept must be defined first like say “event management “ so word “event” is playing major role as a pivot concept and every activity would revolve around that specific even only.

  • 2.The Budget :

    Yeah, daunting but very important factor in the “Management Process” is what and how much one can shell out from the pocket to accomplish the event, define the boundaries first to avoid last minute hustle and bustle.

  • 3.Resources available to perform the task:

    Now, look at your list… what all is available to perform the task? Say event is a birth day party and you have limited budget then? See if you have friends and relatives whom you can borrow few things from, after all relations are meant to have exchange of resources too…and see with the available budget you have what options you can choose… theme party in resort? With homemade food, partying at house terrace? What Audio-Visual and sound system you can have? What all you can use to decorate the ambience, see if you can manage the show with what all you have else you can get things on rentals even and like that.

  • 4.Plan of execution and Sand Clock tik tik - The time frame :

    Now see the time frame, months – days – hours in which the execution of party would happen. Planning is the key component here, invitation cards, online-offline ways of sending cards, tele calling or personal invites, reconfirmation so food is not wasted, return gift, food menu and party venue and then the real day on which the party is ….hosting and hospitality and the minutes of the event if all is pre-defined then master of ceremony only needs to take hold of the SAND CLOCK.

  • 5.Feedback and result :

    And the very important thing is take and get feedback from the guests to hosts and from everyone so that next time you plan event of any sorts you know where have you goofed up and what all could have gone right.

The crux is that, the term “Management” means to achieve desire result in stipulated time with what all you have handy is what the most important thing is…so with the inputs given here I am sure you shall be able to manage almost everything. Keep going - happy managing.