Bit By Bit to Net By Net

Man usually thinks in Bit-By-Bit fashion. From beginning a child trained to learn Bit-By-Bit. This Bit-By-Bit process becomes habit and remains throughout life.

This Bit-By-Bit thinking and Bit-By-Bit working is further strengthen in school. The teaching as its stands today is Bit-By-Bit. We learn A to B to C to Z. We learn subject by subject. Reading and writing is Bit-By-Bit letter by letter and word by word we proceed.

The Bit-By-Bit process is basically serial. We serially thought by thought. We move serially step-by-step. We relate serially person-by-person.

There is nothing wrong Bit-By-Bit method. It is very useful while learning and at beginning stages of any new experience. However, it is to be understood that Bit-By-Bit process is a limited process. As human beings our capacity and potential is far better and beyond the Bit-By-Bit process.

Best example of Bit-By-Bit process is our thought process. Idea-by-Idea, we think. Our brain is like ocean full of idea fishes. All these idea fishes are hidden in unconscious depths. We put our anger and catch one fish at a time. We put our though-hand into ocean of brain and pick up one idea at a time. Man can do much better.

Better than Bit-By-Bit process is Hit-by-Hit process. There is the process of hitting a bright idea. This is catching more valuable fish by deep fishing. Deep thinking is deep fishing. In deep thinking you do not move serially Bit-By-Bit at even speed but stop at a point and go into depths. This is contemplation and analysis. Consider a subject deeply for a better and better idea. This is improvement process. Brain storming and problem solving is Hit-by-Hit process in groups. Suggestion box system is Hit-by-Hit process. Considering alternatives is Hit-by-Hit process.

What else? Who else? Where else? How else? - are Hit-by-Hit process.

Better than Hit-by-Hit is Set-by-Set process. This is breakthrough thinking. Whenever a subject is considered think set-by-set. Set – by – set involves the range of possibilities in any given situation. When a work is to be done work set-by-set. There can be any number of set types.

You can think of Zero set, One set, Two set, Three set, Four set, Five set and so on.

One set means seeing ONE essence of anything. One essence of mother is love. One essence of water is fluidity. One essence of boiler is steam. One essence of anger is waste of energy. One essence of life is consciousness. One essence of sun is energy. So think and see one essence of all things. Be master of ONE-SET.

Now think of Two-set. The two faces of anything and all things. All things in this world have two sides or two faces. Think of Two sides. Positive-Negative, Man-Woman, Closing-Opening, Day-Night, Bright moon-Waning moon, Heat Cold, Up-Down, Wall-Foundation, Head-Tail, North-South, East-West, Life-Death, and so on and so on.

In any plan think two extremes. Think what happens in case of total success and what happens in case of total failure. Then prepare for the worst and work for the best. Then you are better off in any possibility. Think of two sides and work on both sides. Be master of Two-set.

Think of Three-set. For every entity there are three phases. Past, present and future. Start, involve and achieve; Beginning, middle and completion; Receiving, practicing and improving; Planning, implementing and completing; Birth, life and death. Think of three phases. Be master of three set.

Now considered Four-set. This is the most important set. This is the secret of life. All things in this world have four stages. Think of four stages. Work in Four stages.

Child, Youth, Adult and Adult are four stages of life.

earning, doing, contributing and teaching are four stages of experience.

Caring, daring, sharing and respecting are four stages of relationship.

Dependence, independence, inter-dependence and supporting are four stages of inter-relationships. Devotion, Action, Mission and Vision are four stages of attainment.

Believing, Behaving, Becoming and Being are four stages of Human conduct.

Instinct, intuition, intellect and insight are four stages of Thought processes.

Unconscious, sub-conscious, consious and super conscious are four stages of being.

Then think of 5-set based on 5-elements. Solidity, liquidity, freedom, power and space is 5-elemental way of looking at organization.

The three phases along with two sides becomes a 6-set characteristic.

Example of 6-set way is knowledge, wealth, heath, creativity, continuity and completion.

The six enemies are desire, anger, selfishness, delusion, intoxication and aggression.

The six friends are external control, internal control, dedication, acceptance, observation and introspection.

Think of 6-set and be master of inner and outer world.

Think of 7-set. 7 colors, 7 music notes, 7 days of the week, 7 days of creation and the 7 seers. 7 is representation of Harmony. Think and work in 7-set and be in Harmony.

Think of Eight set. Think of Eight directions. Look into Eight way method of Right speech, Right work, Right earnings, right mental exercises, right understanding of reality, right meditation, right intention and right vision. This is Astanga Yoga of Budhha.

Think of Eight way of wealth of capital, consumables, people, dynamism, courage, success, knowledge and profitability. This is 8-way wealth (Ashtalaxmi).

Think of Zero-set. Think of Zero-Defects, Zero-Discharge, Zero-lead time, Zero-Inventory, Zero-Delay, Zero-Waste, Zero-Error and Zero-Negativity.

Think of Zero-set and be perfect.

This way think and work in Zero-set, One-set, Two-set, Three-set, Four-set, Five-set, Six-set, Seven-set, Eight-set, or whatever set you may consider or invent.

Be master of Set-by-Set. Think and make multiple contributions to Society.

Set-by-Set thinking is break-through thinking. Achieve many peaks throughout life through set-by-set thinking.

Now let us come to the supreme way of thinking. Think Net-by-net. Spread the though net and collect idea fish in scores and bushels. Let us see what net by net thinking is.

Whenever a subject is to be studied and ideas are to be found out write down Alphabets, A to Z vertically. Then fill up A to Z with words related to the subject.

Similarly, you can use a 10-net. Take any subject and write down at least 10 ideas related to that subject. Use the word itself as a net. For example the Net for “TEAM” is Tuning, Energy, Adjustment and Mission. Use a letter net. For example use P-net for company management. P-net for company management is Purpose, Policy, Plan Programme, People, process, Project, Procurement, production, product, Profile progress and Peace.

This P-net represents the areas of company, Board, Corporate Management, Business Planning, Personnel, R & D, Projects, Purchase, Production, Marketing, Finance, result and Effect.

Use R-net for Business process. R-net is resources, Responsibilities, Results and Relations.

Use M-net for management. Men, Material, Machines, Money, Method, Means, Movements, Minutes and Mind are M-net of management.

“Management” itself is a net. “MANAGEMENT” means MANAGE MEN T i.e. MANAGE MEN IN

  • TIME

“MANAGEMENT” itself is a net, because MAN-GEM in MANAGEMENT.

Use 31 net for generating ideas for 31 days of the month. Use 99 net by using 99 names of Allah for qualities of Good Manager.

Use 1000 net by using 1000 names of Vishnu for generating 1000 qualities of exemplary leader.

Use 16-net for completeness related to management which is

Dedication Endeavour Nurturing Love
Sincerity Work Management Delegation
Honesty Contribution Leadership Empowerment
Nobility Setting Standards Path-making Trust

Use any net for generating new ideas. Construct new nets. Use a team as a thought net. Ask for 3-ideas each, from a team of 15 people, Related to the company or person or subject and generate 30 to 45 ideas in one stroke. Use formats as thought nets. Design formats and request people to fill the formats. You fill the formats and get full picture.

Look at the picture of any subject and note down the ideas. Use picture as a thought net. Use any physical object as thought net.

Use indexes of concerned book as a thought net. Use the contents of the books as a thought net.

Use dictionary and encyclopedia as thought net.

Look up into the sky during the day and utilize the cloud formation as a thought net to generate creative ideas. Look up into the sky during the night and observe the cosmos. See!! Each star is separate but part of the whole universe. Leave your thoughts to freely float while you observe the universe. Then you will experience the cosmic net which is cosmic light.

Close your eyes and meditate with free thought. You will experience the inner net which is consciousness. That way you, your thought net and universe will experience unity.

Stop thinking. Give intervals of just being. Release with the gaps of Naught-by-naught. (NOT- By-NOT!) . Recharge yourself with physical, emotional and thought silence.

From Bit-by-Bit, Hit-by-Hit, to Set-by-Set to Net-by-Net to cosmic net to inner net to naught-net upgrade and become an integral part of universal net work and enjoy


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