Flexible and Stable

Let your organization be flexible and stable. Stability is strength and flexibility is ability to sustain and survive. Stability is continuity and flexibility is change.

Stability is like a tree and Flexibility is like a creeper. Both, together, generate mutual value addition. Stability plus flexibility is beauty and utility.

Lack of both flexibility and stability means neither the organization is able to stand on its own, and it is able to grow. When the organization is not having stability and flexibility then organization is neither able to survive nor grow.

When an organization is stable but not flexible then it becomes a rigid organization. In a rigid organization everything runs on rules and scope is very less for roles. Situational roles are very important in addition to rules. A rigid organization may continue stubbornly but will not be able to adopt and adapt to changes, opportunities and difficulties. Same rigidly, which gives it strength becomes its weakness when situation changes.

When an organization is flexible but not stable then it becomes a continuously changing entity without the strength to consolidate and build permanent contributions and assets. A completely flexible organization without stability is tender and vulnerable to current threats and difficulties. A totally flexible organization without stability will grow haphazardly, without proper direction and without final effectiveness towards its mission.

When an organization is both stable and flexible it survives and grows and gives fruitful results. Stability and flexibility ensure that the organization stands on its own strengths, and withstands the winds of change, understands its own strengths, weaknesses, priorities and responsibilities .Then it stands out as an example.

The stable and flexible organization stands, withstands, understands and stands out. This is an outstanding organization like a handsome fruit-bearing tree, with a beautiful creeper around it.

This stable and flexible organization adjusts, adopts, adapts and achieves solid and optimal results in changing scenario of resources, responsibilities, results and relations. Be stable with sound finances, sound technology, sound relations and sound policies. Be stable.

Be flexible. With innovative processes, efficient operations, effective roles and with freedom at different levels, be flexible. Like earth be stable. Like water be flexible. Experience gives you stability. Learn from your past and consolidate the best of your past, shunning the impurities and ineffective methods of the past. Add new strengths, new knowledge, new skills and renew continuously. Retain old gold and add better and new embellishments and be stable and flexible. As a person and as an organization let values and principles give you stability and let learning and innovations give you flexibility.

Be a balanced skillful man of stability. Be a creative, innovative, renovative and enriching man of flexibility. Let systems give you stability. Let creativity give you flexibility.

Let your body be stable and flexible. Train it to be skillful and adaptable. Remain stable through health and care. Encourage and build your instinct through practice. Quick instinct gives you flexibility; let your body be strong and flexible by building muscle and shunning fat.

Let your mind be stable and flexible. Be harmonious through noble feelings. Create new ideas and innovations continuously. Encourage and build your intuition through imagination and idea generation. Alert intuition gives you flexibility to respond to changes. Let your mind be alert and effective by building artistic intuition guided by reason and intellect.

Let your intellect be stable and flexible. Think and contemplate in turbulence of changes to find out optimal solutions. Think and contemplate in turbulence of changes to find out optimal solutions. Think of clearing obstacle and building new ways. Let your intellect be constant light to guide towards your mission. Be stable .Waver not.

Thoughtfulness, reason and logic will add stability to creative thought process. Let your intellect be a mountain of strength. Let your intellect be a lake of reflective flexibility. Bright intellect gives you stability and flexibility to reflect upon optimal ways. Let your intellect be strong and flexible through reason and imagination.

Your soul, yourself, is already stable with all the flexibility around it. It is a constant source of insight for being calm and flexible at the same time. Lift yourself high with noble and positive thoughts to realize your inner stability for proper and optimal integration of body, mind and thoughts. Be stable and flexible like a flower, butterfly, cloth, tree, moving bicycle, and lake. Be stable and flexible.

Realize that yourself is both stable and able. Actually yourself is beyond stability and flexibility because it is an Eternal and Harmonious whole. Through your stable and flexible in the service of others. Let your organization be stable and flexible in the service of the society including all interacting groups.


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