Work and Intellect Path


Self knowledge, to you, was told, first
Intellect path, you, listen now next
Intellect path, if, any one takes
Bonds of the deeds, he then breaks.

Saankhya is self knowledge and is the knowledge of the Supreme Self (Purusha), world, nature (Prakruti), creation and human nature. Supreme Self is the super consciousness from which this world and we all emerge, surge, verge and merge.

Supreme self is Sat- Chit- Ananda, the Truth-Consciousness- Bliss. It is also expressed as Satyam- Shivam- Sundaram- Anandam (Truth- Auspiciousness- Beauty- Bliss). This is named and known as Paramatma, Parmeshwara, Ishwara, Bhagwan, Lord, God, Almighty and various other names by different people. The one and the only one supreme self has self created this universe consisting of 8 natures, 16 deforms, 3 gunas, (natural characteristics), creation and dissolution, 3 spiritual aspects, 5 intellectual intentions, 5 causes of work, 5 pranas (breaths), 5 egos, 5 ignorance, 28 incapabilities, 9 fulfillments, 8 attachments, 10 root meanings, 5 graces of senses, 14 levels of beings, 3 bondages, 3 liberations, 3 confirmation standards, 3 fold grief, generation to generation continuity and elimination of grief.

This is Saankya, because it is based on Sankhya (Numbers). The nature (Prakruti) generates characteristics (Gunas) which are instigators, conductors and concluders of work. Work is natural to beings and human beings. Work is the means to conduct the life. None can stay away from work. Walking, crawling, sitting, standing, eating and many such actions are also work. Work binds the self which is the presence of supreme self within beings.

Work binds the self with consequences of credit and debit, merit and demerit. One is accountable to what he does and what he does not do. Thus he gets attached and gets bound. Work is the means. Work is the bondage.

There is a way of work without bondage. Human beings are endowed and enabled with one entry which can help us to find the way of work without bondage. That enabling inherent entity is Intellect which is within all of us.

Intellect is the facility for thinking and is the base and place for all thoughts, ideas, understandings, judgments, analysis, decisions and all thought processes.

Intellect is the source for analysis and synthesis. It is the resource for solutions for all situations and problems.

We have a mind and a body which are the seats of feelings and the work. Mind is the place of desires, wants, pleasures, cravings, likes and dislike, attachment and emotion, self interest and the ego of “I”ness, “my”ness. Body with organs is the resource for work but it is the place for addictions.
Pure mind and pure body are the assets, while impure mind and impure body are the liabilities which bind and burden a person.

Intellect is the source and resource to improve and purify itself. It can improve and purify the mind and body.

When intellect joins and becomes one with the self, the inner spirit, it is “Buddhi yoga”, the “Path of Intellect”. The path of intellect can break the bondage of work and work results. Self is like the chairman of personality and intellect is the managing trustee or managing director. Mind and body are like other directors, and different organs are like other functionaries.

Chairman is the witness who can inspire the managing trustees to work without self interest and become free.

We can find self freedom and self liberation in the path of intellect.

Path of intellect is path of liberation.

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