Do it with passion Or don't do it at all!

Success is something which is seen as a key objective while choosing a profession. One's personal interest may not be given the first priority as it might not lead him to success. But is all this right?

No. People choose career building and money yielding jobs, thereby, reluctantly leaving their hobbies which certainly lead to a common phrase from all employees, "I HATE MY JOB!" As a matter of fact, these employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. But we need to find out what actually is in the crux.

Firstly, the employee is not paid enough for what his knowledge, hard work and skills are worth which leads to a mentality of him being underpaid. This creates lack of motivation amongst employees and degradation of efficiency and productivity throughout the company in micro levels. In some cases, even though the job pays the employee a good salary, it also brings their career to a standstill.

Man being a social animal, has a number of interests and hobbies. Choosing such a profession which confiscates all his leisure time makes his career as well as life obscene. Very less jobs interest people and are without a fixed daily boring agenda which adds to the obscenity.

Political reasons also contribute to employee dissatisfaction and a play a major role in their degradation. When a person, highly skilled and talented, looks at his colleague getting ahead of him just because of his last name and not work quality, he even being the more deserving person, starts to lose hope of encouragement in his work. Biasness of higher parties towards the employees is a similar story and a situation of shameful internal politics.

Various other reasons lead to a person slowly and gradually starting to hate his own job. After all, one needs to work nearly 40 more years with his chosen career life! Would it be okay if you or your employees lived such a life? I'm sure, it won't be so.

A matter to think about!

Rushi Vyas
11th Std.
Bright Day School,
CBSE unit, Vasna.


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