"A picture that seems obscene to one viewer is an insightful art to another, words that offend one's personality are interpreted by other personalities as clever humor or valid criticism."

The expression is an act of expressing, conveying or representing in words, art, music, painting or movement. It is an outward manifestation of a mood or a disposition: a tone or facial aspect or a look that conveys a special feeling.

Our language is full of commonplace violent phrases like "give it a shot" or "when push comes to shove" and many of us don't think twice about using these everyday expressions. So what is the big deal? They are simply used to lay the desired emphasis in my opinion.

Fight for your Right, the slogan often used to end domestic violence.

Violent expressions are required to get the right things and works done. This behavior is required to be performed to send the right messages at the appropriate occasions. Had Afzal Guru, an attacker on Parliament, not been executed, it was not possible to send the strong and difficult message to militant organizations that plan and carry out such heinous crimes.

Some people are bound to take you as coward or weak and it is very important to show your strength. This sends a loud and clear message to them to not to underestimate and take you for granted. This may at least mitigate the probability of more such plans to be made and acted upon. The recent attackers of France are still alive. These are the occasions when only violent expression can be the most befitting reply or reciprocation.

Violent Expressions are the signs of our deep need to communicate. We learn very early in our childhood, the need of the un-peaceful expression - "crying" which is also a kind of violent expression. For e.g. if a baby does not cry, even his mother forgets to give him milk.

May I ask you if our defense forces work with non-violent expression what would be the fate of our country? If police become non-violent what would be the fate of our society? There will be no fear of law and order and there will be a complete anarchy which may lead to civil wars.

The recent controversy over Aamir Khan's wife's comment - ""ndia is not a safe place to live" The comment itself did not use any foul language but violent enough in meaning to bring uproar in the mindset of the people of the country. Aamir Khan may again name this as intolerance but according to me people definitely have united, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

We have another example of Anna Hazare's movement for Jan Lok Pal bill. He had written a letter to the government to pass the bill within a stipulated period of time or face the consequences. His straight and harsh language again became instrumental in bringing all common people of India on the same platform.

"One is heard when one shouts, demands or shows aggression." Complaints about malfunctioning of the products are taken care of immediately if one threatens the opposition by the name of consumer courts. Police acts upon immediately if they are afraid of some upheaval.

We tend to think of violent expression as a wild, negative emotion, but research finds that it also has its positive side. At times they are a motivating force, making people more optimistic. "Violent expressions" are actually capable of reducing violence too as violent expressions often precede physical violence which is a very strong social signal that a situation needs to be resolved.

With so many upsides of violent expressions do you think these can be ignored?

By Rushi Vyas
11th Std.
Bright Day School,
CBSE unit, Vasna.


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