Glimpses of Friday Evening Talks 2013-14

The “Friday Evening Talk” one of the earliest initiative of BMA and now, an introduction in itself, an immensely successful program of BMA, has been for long, a very popular ‘Evening Rendezvous’ for people from various walks of life, age group and professions. Over the years, the evening talk has grown in stature and has seen speakers of prominence not only across the state but also nationally. Varied topics and areas ranging from Education to Sports to Current Affairs to Corporates to Spiritualism to Art & Culture to Health etc have been presented.

The “Friday Evening Talk” a 90 minute intellectual stimulation, initially saw a moderate turnout of 12 to 15 participants. However, for past several years now, an attendance of 80 + is a common sight. BMA being a premier institution, promoting Management Education in central Gujarat, feeling the pulse of fans of FET decided to gift its FET fans an e-compilation of all the FETs during the year.

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Advertisement Rate Card for Samanvaya

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