Leadership in your palm

Most effective and exemplary leadership is in your palm. For learning leadership lessons one need not go to any business school or read many books on modern approaches to leaderships.

Leadership is literally in your hand. It is in your palm. Look at your palm. What do you see? Fingers! How many fingers? Five? No! There are only four fingers. The other one is thumb! In every language this one is not called a finger but by a different name.

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Learning - Teaching : A process of offering and receiving

Learning and teaching are the processes of life improvement. Learning is the key to leading and earning better life. Teaching is the key to reaching to the inner potential of learners and nurturing them to grow.


Bit By Bit to Net By Net

Man usually thinks in Bit-By-Bit fashion. From beginning a child trained to learn Bit-By-Bit. This Bit-By-Bit process becomes habit and remains throughout life.

This Bit-By-Bit thinking and Bit-By-Bit working is further strengthen in school. The teaching as its stands today is Bit-By-Bit. We learn A to B to C to Z. We learn subject by subject. Reading and writing is Bit-By-Bit letter by letter and word by word we proceed.

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Flexible and Stable

Let your organization be flexible and stable. Stability is strength and flexibility is ability to sustain and survive. Stability is continuity and flexibility is change.

Stability is like a tree and Flexibility is like a creeper. Both, together, generate mutual value addition. Stability plus flexibility is beauty and utility.

Lack of both flexibility and stability means neither the organization is able to stand on its own, and it is able to grow. When the organization is not having stability and flexibility then organization is neither able to survive nor grow.

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