Importance of women in business

Women play pivotal role in management. They are not only educated, talented, confident, ambitious and career oriented but they also their minds. This helps them to juggle the tasks, manage, all the chores and strike a fine balance between professional and personal life. They have got a good foresight, patience, negotiating and budgeting skills.

Today women have demonstrated their multitasking ability. Women entrepreneurs can certainly initiate, organize, plan and operate their small and venture efficiently. Affirming this notion, someone has said that “the woman who is creative finds greater freedom to translate her creativity and ideas when she has her own enterprises. For those who are highly professional qualifications and those who are from a lower economic sector, entrepreneurship is a means of earning money and contributing to the family income. However the challenge for the larger sections of women in India lies in crossing the threshold, overcoming barriers and discovering their own potential and identity. The climate is more conductive today and time is right."

Emotional intelligence

Women are more emotionally intelligent than man and possess good interpersonal skills which are vital for framing strategies and building support.

Multitask orientation

Women have ability of handling many tasks at the same time like talking on the phone, reading their mails, scheduling what else needs to be finished for the rest of the day and giving excellent results. They balance their families and career simultaneously effectively.

Self-Branding Attitude

Women are extremely passionate by nature and enthusiastic about their choices, talking about them and sharing their thoughts. They emphasize the benefits of their services to their services to their potential clients and are aware of how to highlight the positive features.


Women are very patient by nature and have great vision. Vision helps in giving up on their dreams after only some months as a consequence of becoming impatient with process only proves that the vision is not enough. The ability to wait and see is a key attribute in order to positive outcomes and women have it naturally.


Women have great passion for the work and a commitment to society. If they have to peruse entrepreneurship, it means they are not afraid taking ant risks and will also make monetary gains. The inner strength to continue and searches all possible means to share their business ideas with others.


Women have great confidence to compete business market. They can do their work with full confidence, enthusiasm and cheerfulness.


Women get funding like family loans, saving, credit card and can obtain capital from government startup programs and it is less difficult for them to obtain startup capital. As government have soft corner for women it helps them to obtain its own identity and achieve women empowerment.


Women are known for their multitasking ability. They have lot of responsibilities to fulfill such house hold duties and office duties and as a mother it has many more important responsibilities. In spite of all this choice of job will show miracle in market. Starting business at home is great opportunity for any women to start journey towards corporate world. Technology have given chance to start and manage their business and pursue their dreams. This help to make money for themselves and reach to the top of the world without being dependent on others.

By SALONI VORA (XI - Commerce)


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