Management is an important issue these days, students are worried about time management while adults are worried about the money-management and many other things like space-management, etc.

Managing things and tasks requires logical reasoning. The ability to be able to rearrange various things in various situations, imagining things and making them match to the correct and suitable situations and needs is in turn called management. Generally people like event managers, wedding planners, organizers, etc., may not perform well in schools but they turn out to be excellent professionals, the reason is their polished management skills i.e. high logical thinking and reasoning, the ability to imagine things as per your requirements and others small reasons like observation power, etc. One more big reason in their decision making abilities, Confusion creates mistakes, but deciding upon things faster and limiting your choices helps a lot in management and is also the sign of a healthy mind. Therefore, a healthy mind means vital management!

Aditya Wagh
Class XI
D R Amin Memorial School – GSEB


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