• To promote exchange of knowledge and experience of sound management principles and practices
  • To institute and establish scholarships, grants, rewards and prizes to encourage the study of the art and science of management
  • To co-operate with any other institution, organization or establishment whose objects are similar to those of the association
  • To provide to the members and community at large expert advice and service on specific management problems
  • To maintain liaison with all organizations interested in the development of the art and science of management in India and overseas for the benefit of the association

For over five decades, BMA has been at the forefront in the promotion of professional management movement in western India.

BMA caters to the scientific management needs by conducting Management development Programs,  In-house programs, Seminars, Lectures, Symposia, Evening Talks, Video Film Shows on all aspect of management and career development courses for students.


BMA Annual Report 2016-17

Read BMA Annual Report 2016-17

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