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14th May 2019

Leadership is not about a title or designation, its all about 3 I's i.e Impact, Influence, and Inspiration.

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Basics of Management of Employees / Industrial Relation

25th March 2019

Globalization has changed business greatly. It has forced industries and service sectors to look at its policies on employees relations and employers-employee's conflicts resolutions mechanism and its management process.

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Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code- Changing Indian Corporate Horizon

08th March 2019

Insolvency and bankruptcy

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Enhancing Personal Effectiveness in Manufacturing Operations

22nd February 2019

Personal Effectiveness in a Manufacturing workplace refers to making the best use of man.

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28th Annual Awards for Outstanding Young Managers

11th, 12th and 13th February 2019

success isn't always about greatness. its about consistency.

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01st February 2019

Presenting Information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across to other.

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Measuring QMS Effectiveness (Quality Performance Evaluation- QPE)

25th January 2019

Many top performing businesses which achieve superior levels of success and sustainability.

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Handwriting Analysis: For Better Employee Selection and Development

11th January 2019

For any job an individual should have the right combination of knowledge, abilities, experience, personality, intellect, aptitudes and acumen

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Front line leadership for effective productivity

09th January 2019

A frontline leadership makes decisions, develops policies, uses their judgement and discretion and oversees implementation of improvements.