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Coffee Table Book - 25 Annual Management ConventionDownload pdf

The BMA, which is on the fore-front of furthering management movement in Central Gujarat has steadily but surely carved out a place of pride amongst the management fraternity of Gujarat and beyond.

On the occasion of silver jubilee Annual Management Convention, BMA takes pride in presenting the management fraternity “A Coffee Table Book”, re-visiting a journey of 25 management conventions. We are sure the information contained in this Coffee Table Book will prove to be a collector’s item for all readers.

Several people have generously contributed through their time, creative ideas, and enthusiasm in putting up this Coffee Table Book.

We dedicate this Coffee Table Book to our past president and an outstanding human being Lt. Dr A.P Singh.

Beyond Management - Be All by G Narayana (Guruji)

This book is an amalgamation of many original insights, realization & concepts created by Guruji. It highlights various prophesies which he has complemented and extended value to through his visionary approach. It contains information, ideas and strategies useful for professionals.

Awakened Youth - Attitudes and Achievements by G Narayana (Guruji)

This book is an expression towards making a bright future of the youth.This book exemplifies the word TEAM as - Tuning - Energy - Adjustment - Mission as a philosophy of effective & efficient work life. The journey from Explore to (New) Experience is beautifully described with the help of 6 "E" concept - "Examine, Extend, Excavate to Experience, Ecstasy of New Experience.