Reservation in India

India is a country where the solution of a problem becomes a greater nuisance than the problem itself!

It is only ironical that in the land of lord Ram who enthusiastically relished the half eaten berries of an untouchable devotee Shabri, the fault lines of caste run deep into the society, nevertheless a solution of was provided by the architects of the Indian constitution in the form of quota system where a certain proportion of jobs and positions in all government organization were to be given to the candidates from underdeveloped sections of the society under relaxed criteria.


Dr.BR Ambedkar man behind the framing of the constitution saw reservation as a temporary measure, he imagined that as time would pass the caste system would be eradicated from the society and Indians would rise beyond the barriers of caste through education and knowledge though his vision became a success in some parts of the country but what he was not able to foresee was the political selfishness and greed of the forthcoming generation of politicians . The quota system which was to be dismantled after a few decades of independence was allowed to be extended over and over again , the most damaging part was increment of these quotas from 7.5%-15% during the time of independence to almost 50% currently.

And even after such a long time of difficulties, it prevails even today and has become afearful reason as well as a threat for the riots and insurgency today. If a student knows that a seat is reserved for him he is not going to work towards it, if a person knows that education for his children and food is subsidized will not work with utmost determination as he would earlier do. Isn't it harming the economy of the country? Isn't highly subsidized education we avail a classic example of social injustice? We must not spoon feed people who have already made it pass 12th , they should find their way themselves, and if they weren't at this level they wont be much better off later. Every year under reserved quota many undeserving students who score even very low get admission in the best government colleges. Why? Because they belong to so called backward classes and many times such students when not able to cope up with the studies just leave their studies in between and the seat of the student goes vacant . On the other hand students who really were deserving just because they do not belong to a low caste are not able to get admission in their desired colleges and as a result many in fact most of the times such students suffer unemployment and even the seats which remain vacant decrease the productivity of educated people of the country.

Removing the concept of caste in a learned society and that no one is inferior or superior, we've to strive to get rid of reservations to ensure justice to all.

Rushi Vyas,
11th Std, Bright Day School,
CBSE unit


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