Round Table Conference on HRM - March 2016

Through the recent times and more so in this decade, we have witnessed extremely complex equations in managing people at work. Rising expectations and shrinking surpluses have become a common denominator of every business...! As managers of Peoples' Affairs, we are experiencing an ever narrowing bandwidth to secure the efficiency with which we manage the Peoples' Affairs. However, the pessimistic reality in the above lines is not at all to shield the radiant results which we all, so creatively have been delivering. Each one of us has a story to tell and a trophy to uphold. It is keeping this in mind, a Round Table Conference (RTC) has been organized on 4th March, 2016, to provide a platform where such stories, when shared, can bring home priceless learning. This RTC has been organized to commemorate the contribute on made by Late - Dr. A. P.Singh to the field of HR, as well as to extrapolate the same to discussing the relevant scenarios of today.

4th March 2016


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