Scientific reasons behind Hindu traditions

Traditions in Hinduism were considered mainly as superstitious, but with the passage of time and improvement in science, it is becoming clear that all the traditions in Hinduism are based on scientific knowledge and moved on from generation to generations as tradition this blog is to bring forward the science involved in these traditions and rituals...

Throwing coins into the river

According to traditions it is considered as it brings good luck. In ancient times coins were made of copper which was a vital metal very useful to human body. Throwing coins ensured that we intake sufficient amount of copper in our body as part of drinking water.

Joining both the palms together to greet

In Hindu culture people greet each other by joining hands termed as "Namaskara". Scientific reason behind this is that joining the tips of all fingers together; which denoted to pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. Pressing them is said to activate all pressure points which helps us to remember that person for a long time.

Appling Tilak on forehead

On the forehead, between two eyebrows is a spot that is considered as a major point in nerve in human body. The Tilak is said to prevent loss of energy and control the various levels of concentration. Applying kumkum the point on the mid brow region are automatically pressed which also facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.

Why do temples have bells

People unknowingly ring the bell while entering the temple. The reason behind this is that it keeps evil forces away according to Agama Sastra. But the scientific reason behind bell is that it keeps our mind sharp and keeps our full concentration on devotional purpose. Bells sound creates a unity in left and right part of our brain.

Why people celebrate Navratras

Our living style has changed over a period of time. Navratras comes twice a year. Both the months of Navratras are months of changing season and eating habits. Navratras gives enough time to body to adjust and prepare itself for changing season. During Navratras months it is marked that people clear their body system by keeping fasts, meditating, gaining positive energy and self confidence and finally get ready for challenges of changed season.

Ruchit Patel
Standard –XI
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