The Difference between a Leader and a Boss - February2015

Someone has truly said that, "A leader can be a boss, but a boss can never be a leader". Although leaders and bosses have nearly identical definitions, there is a lot of difference between them in today's competitive life.


There are only two rules for you, if you have a boss, that is, "Rule #1: The boss is always right... Rule #2: When the boss is wrong, refer to Rule #1" and if you have a leader, there are no rules for you! There are still many differences between a boss and a leader, that is:

A Boss A Leader
Drives Employees coaches them
Depends on authority on goodwill
Inspires fear generates enthusiasm
Says 'I' says, 'we'
Places blame for the breakdown fixes the breakdown
Knows how it is done shows how it is done
Uses people develops people
Takes credit gives credit
Commands asks
Says 'Go' says, 'let's go'

Theodore Roosevelt, the great explorer and historian, who served as 26th president of United States, also expressed his view in this topic by saying, "People ask the difference between a 'Boss' and a 'Leader'...The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert. The leader leads and the boss drives."

It is always easy to become a boss, and make a task work out by ordering, but its difficult to be a responsible leader and make a task work out together with people.

So, all these were the major difference between a boss and a leader. One is whom we don't like to follow or work with and the second is the one with whom we like to work. Its in our hand, that we want to become a boss or a leader.

Dhriti Kansara
Zenith High School


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