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AAOYM – 2022

AAOYM challenges the enthusiastic young budding managers of your organization to come prepared with innovative presentation on one of the topics and display their in-depth research (beyond Google experience) and present their analysis of FOR, AGAINST or TREAD THE MIDDLE SAFE PATH to charter an impressive take on these burning agenda for the country and Corporates. The topics are mainly from current affairs, business & economy, social issues and abstract ideas. The AAOYM team’s virtual week-days virtual ruminations on ongoing current trends, picked up from print and digital media, lead to short-list these topics of relevance to young leaders and managers.

Baroda Management Association organized 31th addition of Annual Awards for Outstanding Young Managers Competition in the 4th week of March and the closing function was arranged on the evening of 26th March at the Fern hotel, Akota Vadodara.

There were 14 topics out of which the teams were supposed to select any one topic.

They had penned some fantastic topics / subjects which are as follow:
  • Putting people first: A novel approach to business transformation.
  • रिस्क है तो इश्क़ है: Business Risk Management..?
  • Plugging gaps – Makers & Maker Movements.
  • Automation and Cyber Security Practices to Create a Fast and Secure Workplace.
  • From ‘this or that’ to ‘this and that’ – Embrace the growth mind-set.
  • Constitution of Multi-Generation workforce.
  • Youth mange dilse “Make India great again’.
  • Redefining Employment : Gig Economy Vs Talent Economy.
  • Crooks on Run or planned escape management?
  • Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?
  • Harnaaz, Leena or Gita: Who’s your icon?
  • Women Empowerment & Gender Justice.
  • Improve Efficiency with Bank Operational Processing.
  • Science, Spiritualism, and Language: A Bond of Inseparableness With Life.
Despite the pandemic and the fall in the businesses , we still got a wonderful participation of 20 dynamic teams from different industries from in and around Baroda.
  • L & T Chiyoda
  • Koch Engineered solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.
  • Schneider Electric
  • Reliance Ind. Ltd. (Vadodara)
  • Electrical Research Development Association (ERDA)
  • India Oil Corporation Limited
  • Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
  • Zydex Industries
  • Reliance Ind. Ltd ( Jamnagar)
  • Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME)
Inaugural and Welcome Session : 23rd March, 2022 President Dipak Shah welcomed distinguished guests, Esteem panel of Jury Members, young managers as participants and the respective participating organization representatives. He Wish all the participants a great learning time ahead, My Best wishes to the panel of Jury members as well “ The judges had an interesting and entertaining but a very tough time as the presentations were vibrant , thought provoking and well prepared .The entire jury which consisted of 9 members. Each jury analyzed the presentation with compete discrepancy and unbiased judgment.

The Jury for the Event were :
  • Ms. Janet Shah,
  • Mr. Vishwas Jambu,
  • Ms. Rajal C.
  • Ms. Bharti Naik
  • Mr. Suchit Patel
  • Dr. Shantanu Chakravarty
  • Mr. Hemang Desai
  • Mr. Dilip Pandya
  • Mr. Jagdish Shukla
Ceremony 31th AAOYM-2022 on 26th March, 2022 : The closing ceremony started with a welcome addition by President Dipak Shah. Vice-President Mr. Nimil Baxi welcomed everyone and gave a brief about the organisation of AAOYM as one of the flagship events of BMA – the main point being that over the years how this particular event has generated more and more excitement and interest from participating companies! In fact later in the evening a member of a winning team even shared with the audience that last year his team had not even qualified for the finals which was very disappointing for them. But this year they came back with more enthusiasm, determination and practice and actually won.

Chief Guest -Mr. Prem Raj Kashyap -MD KYB Conmat Pvt. Ltd. He have always been very supportive and encouraging towards BMA’s activities. Mr. Premraj Keshyep gave a very entertaining talk first sharing few personal experiences and learning. Some of his points were:

  • Take your team ( people) with you.
  • Think outside the box – do something new.
  • Be ready to take a risk instead of sitting back in a comfort zone.
Finally it was time for the result which were declared by President Mr. Dipak Shah & Mr. Nimil Baxi. The result were declared as follows:

The jury members were presented momentous as a token of our appreciation for them. The evening ended with a photo session, followed by a vote of thanks by the chairman of AAOYM Mr. Avijit Majumdar and a sumptuous dinner.

Winner Team:

Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME)
Team Member : Major Vishal Sharma, Major Sameer Chavan & Major Shalini Singh

First Runner Up

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
Team Member : Ms. Sweta Gohil, Ms. Neelam Bhenjaliya & Ms. Bansari Purohit

Second Runner Up

Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA)
Team Member : Ms. Rachna Dave, Ms. Presita Dodiya & Ms. Aastha Bhalgamiya


Reliance Industries Limited, Vadodara
Team Member: Ms. Yesha Bhatt, Mr. Saurabh Bagal & Ms. Antra Sharma

Zydex Industries
Team Member: Mr. Anish Vinod, Mr. Karthick PR & Mr. Prasad Joshi


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