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World Yoga Day – June, 2021

Theme : “World Yoga Day Celebration” on 21st June, 2021

The MOC Ms. Shivani Mathur started the event by a quote from Bhagwad Gita that “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Then she invited Mr. Dipak Shah, President of BMA to formally welcome our inaugural speaker Yogsevak Shri Sheeshpal.

Mr. Dipak Shah, President of BMA started by saying Yoga is not religion it is Science continuing with the brief introduction about Dr. Om Prakash Juneja who has taken guidance under Shri Ramdevji.

Dr. Om Prakash Juneja started his speech by thanking BMA and explaining what is management. He says managing quality is inbuilt, it is easy to manage the outer world but there exists a world inside your body which is difficult to manage. He gave information about 5 sheets of human consciousness which are An-me-kosh,Praan-me-kosh, Mann-o-me-kosh, Vigyaan-me-kosh, Anand-me-kosh.

Then after MOC invited MR. Kirti Trivedi to give his session on Yoga and Jadibuti.

Mr. Kirti Trivedi started by thanking BMA for inviting him to share his knowledge at this event then he continued by explaining the interconnection between Ayurved and yoga. After that our MOC invited Mrs. Poonam Bubber to talk about meditation and share her experience with us.

Mrs. Poonam Bubber started by thanking BMA and making everybody meditate and then explain about benefits of meditation. Meditation helps us to live our life heartfullness every moment not just while we are doing it. Then she added that system has four pillars.

After that MOC invited another speaker for the event Mr. Vinod Sharma.

Mr. Vinod Sharma started by greeting Mr. Dipak Shah, President BMA and all other member as well as everybody present there. He gave a brilliant solution for instant stress release which is Anulom Vilom. He concluded by showing several acupressure points all over body for stress release.

Mr. Dipak Shah, President BMA and Mr. Nimil Baxi, Vice President BMA sir concluded the whole session by thanking all the speakers for their motivational sessions, these knowledgeable sessions will be helpful for being healthy and happy in life.

Lastly Mr. Gaurang Pathak from Heartfulness Foundation gave information about their headquarters and all the facilities available over there.


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