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Membership Category Fees in Rs. Entrance Fee
Professional Member Rs. 2,500Rs. 300
Associate Member Rs. 2,000 Rs. 300
Student Member Rs. 600 Rs. 200
Life Member Rs. 25,000 NIL
  • 18% GST is to be charged extra on all above membership fees.
  • Annual Subscription for a new member applying after 30th September shall be 50% of the normal annual subscription, but entrance fee shall be payable in full.
  • As a life member, you pay an one time membership Fee of Rs.25,000/- and NO Entrance Fee is required to be paid.
  • After the application has been scrutinized and approved by the BMA Managing Committee the applicant will be intimated the membership number and date of admission.
Membership Services
Members are entitled to attend various activities conducted by BMA and special discounts are offered to members for management development programmes. An update on the activities of BMA is provided through monthly newsletter “SAMANVAYA”. Members are invited to the Management Week celebrations held every year from the 29th of May

BMA has a well equipped library with books, periodicals, audio and video cassettes on various management subjects. An information officer has been appointed to take care of library and to provide vital information needed by the members. At present, the library has 1250 books, 10 periodicals, 80 video cassettes and 100 audio cassettes on management and related areas.

“SAMANVAYA” is the monthly news letter of BMA which acts as the medium of communication among members of BMA. This carries all the information of events and activities. Members are welcome to send their original articles for publication.


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