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Women’s Workshop, 2022

“A Practical Workshop on Financial Investments”
It’s a myth that women can’t handle money – we handle it every day. Then why does it stop there? Money has so much control over our lives, so isn’t it me to take that power back? This workshop aims to empower women with both the knowledge and practical application of how to invest in the best possible way for them. It also seeks to create a confident investment mindset.

There were many eminent speakers who gave important and useful about financial investments and methods to save for any age group of women. This workshop was basically to educate women on their financial investments and how to easily use digital banking.

Ms. Sonal Kotak, Founder of the firm INTEGRITI INVESTMENTS Solutions. She talked about What should I Invest In? Know the Investment Tools. The take aways were understanding all different investment options and their pros and cons, Tips for investments for self, kids, family and senior citizen parents. And to understand basics of insurance and succession planning (Will and Nominations).

Ms. Dipti Parikh, Software Engineer at Mastercard. She talked about Digital Money & Busting the Myths. The take aways were Hands-on training on using net banking and other digital payment options and keeping your net banking safe and secure.

Ms. Rajal C., Founder and CEO at GRAVITAS. Ms. Rajal was the chairperson of the Women’s committee. She talked about her 20+ Years Journey to successful investments. The take away were anyone can do it, to inspire to create an investment mindset and Gain the confident to bring both aware and part of the family’s financial management and investments


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