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Friday Talks – 2021

Sr. No.TopicsDateSpeaker
1Innovation in Day to Day Life02 April 2021Akshat
2Jago Grahak Jago09 April 2021Ms. Pankti Shah
3Trading Business Old School vs New Age Practice16 April 2021Ms. Reshma Golsangi
4प्राचीन आयुर्वेदिक औषधि निर्माण व्यवस्था23 April 2021Dr. Rajendra Haathi
5Technology Trend in Construction Permits30 April 2021Mr. Vijay Gupte
6ग्राहक भगवान समान  होता है - CRM - Customer Relationship Management14 May 2021
7Power Habits of Billionaires21 May 2021Mr. Dhvani Patel
8Objective of Investment28 May 2021Ms. Anita Jandial
9Lesson to learn from Ad Guru Shri04 June 2021
10Make in India11 June 2021Mr. Chirag suthar
11Will and Testment why / when / How to make a will18 June 2021Mr. Anand Majmudar
12Honi hoy so hoy -Managing Crises with Kabir25 June 2021Mr. Bhargav Parekh
13Business with Google02 July 2021Mr. C N Pendor & Mr. Brijesh Patel
14Leveraging Linkedin for Business and young Professional09 July 2021Mr. Sagar Amlani
15Vision a Critical to Success fact16 July 2021Mr. Dilip Pandya
16Breakthrough from Procrastination to increase your Personal Productivity23 July 2021Ms. Bharti Naik
17Your Image is your Brand30 July 2021Mr. Parimal Shah
18Gen Next @ Work : Fuel Them13 August 2021Mr. Hemang Desai
19Fail to Win (हार से जीत)20 August 2021Mr. Dinesh Patel
20Lessons to learn from Ad Guruy Shri Piyush Pandey (Video presentation )27 August 2021Mr. Piyush Pandey
21Acheivement orientation - Mantras for Success03 September 2021Mr. Manish Jhurani
22Discipline is Everything10 September 2021Dr. Shreeram D. Toliwal
23Naya Bharat17 September 2021Mr. Chirag suthar
24Save Water Save Life24 September 2021Mr. Ravi Ulangwar
25First thing First01 October 2021Dr. Kirit Makwana
26LogisticInfrastructure challenges & issues08 October 2021Mr. Rajesh Anand Menon
27Assets Monetization Clearing the Miasma and Misunderstanding22 October 2021C.A Manish Baxi
29Communication India Reaching the Last Mile19 November 2021Mr. Praveen Gupta
30The Age of Advance Education Technology Driven Era26 November 2021Mr. Rajul Garg
31Green & Sustainable Bulding03 December 2021Mr. Bhavesh Mehta
32Video marketing - unfolding business by omnipresence24 December 2021Mr. Karanvir Bhullar
33Outbound Training (OBT) - Explore Unexplored31 December 2021Mr. Bhavik Gauswami


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