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HR Convention 2021

Companies across the world are being buffeted by new technologies, disruptive business models and standup innovation. Business leaders know that they need to adopt those new technologies, keeping in mind customer’s expectation and business environment changes. Therefore, there is an urgent need to understand the basic principles of digital transformation and technology that enable this shift. The theme focus is on emerging technologies like AI, Block Chain, internet of things, virtual reality and many more, which company can employ to drive digital transformation. There were many dentition of digital transformation to put it simply, the use of digital technology to improve the performance and each of company. These changes are not linear, but exponential in nature. There are born digital companies like Google, Amazon and there are companies which are trying to become digital like GE, Burberrys etc.

Prof.(Dr.) Bhavna Mehta, Dean & Professor FSW, MSU

She Welcomed all the dignitaries on & off dice and Student. She also welcomed all the other University participants in this convention. She talked about the title Tech Whisperer and mention Dabbawala coming and giving some management Lessons.

Felicitation took place & Welcomed the Chief guest , guest of honored & all dignitaries.

Mr. Bhaskar Joshi conceptualized the whole of the event successfully. He thanked Bhavana Mehta and faculty of social work to collaborate with BMA. M.N. Parmar, former dean of the faculty welcomed everyone to the event and also mentioned that FSW and BMA has old association as many FETs were conducted in faculty of social work. Also mentioned that BMA is a association from where one can get great knowledge and learning.

Mr. Dipak Shah, President of BMA thanked all for supporting BMA and be a part of event. He acknowledge Bhasker Joshi as the Bhishmapitama of the event and also thanked him for designing whole of the event single handedly. Lastly he also gave a brief introduction of our upcoming events.

Mr. Sandeep Purohit, Senior Vice President Human Resource and Services at GSFC Ltd. Vadodara.

He talked about how technology has impacting HR field and so advised to include IT in every sphere of education. He mentioned how humans have changes from stone age to this digital age.

Areas where technology has hugely impacted HR:
  • Talent Acquisition , All application is online and sorting is also online with online interviews.
  • Talent Management, which includes PMS, HRIS, WFH and remote working. He also mentioned that in the coming future the HR will be omnipresence.
  • Talent Development in this he talked about AI in the fields of HR.
Mr. Jagdish Solanki professor gave the Vote of Thanks.

Dr. Suryanarayan Iyer, Senior Director Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Digital HR transformation objectives:
  • Exceptional experience
  • Talent Advantage
  • Centralized Culture
  • Compliances in HR
He gave an example through a video in which a person is getting transferred and whole of the procedure taken place online with the help of AI.

Ms. Jaynee Kothari, Director of Human Resources Odysseus Solutions. She said one should never fear of new technology and changes to be done. One should believe in yourself and adopt the changes, there are number of jobs available in the market just believe in yourself.

Mr. Mahesh Padhke, General Manager HR, Deepak Nitrate.
He talked on:
  • Dealing with GIG workers.
  • Driving diversity & inclusion at workplace.
  • Employee health & well being.
Mr. Raghunath Medge , President, Mumbai Dabbawala
Since 1890, Dressed in white outfit and traditional Gandhi Cap, Mumbai Army of 5,000 Dabbawalas fulfilling the hunger of almost 200,000 Mumbaikar with home-cooked food that is lug between home and office daily. For more than a century our team have been part of this grime-ridden metropolis-of-dreams.

About 125 years back, a Parsi banker wanted to have home cooked food in office and gave this responsibility to the first ever Dabbawala. Many people liked the idea and the demand for Dabba delivery soared. It was all informal and individual effort in the beginning, but visionary Mahadeo Havaji Bachche saw the opportunity and started the lunch delivery service in its present team-delivery format with 100 Dabbawalas.

As the city grew, the demand for Dabba delivery grew too. The coding system created by our forefather is still prominent in 21st century. Initially it was simple colour coding but now since Mumbai is widely spread metro with 3 local train routes, our coding has also evolved into alpha numeric characters. He explained whole of the working and strategies of the dabba service and how everyone in the association have a excellent time management.


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