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Art of Negotiation

Definition of Negotiation: Negotiation is a strategic process of arriving at an agreement by two or more individuals, teams, or groups. It is defined as ‘ an interpersonal decision-making process necessary whenever we cannot achieve our objectives single-handedly.

A Full day MDP was organized on 19th November, 2021 at the Guru Narayan Hall, BMA and the speaker was by Ms. Deval Joshi . She is prolific speaker and trainer providing inspirational speeches and training to corporate, academic institute, hospitals. She has science post graduation and certification of child and human psychology. She has received award of woman achiever and woman startup meet 2020.

Program Officer of BMA, Ms. Shivani Mathur welcomed the speaker Ms. Deval Joshi and all the participants.

Most people are not natural-born negotiators. The research consistently shows that most people can significantly improve their negotiation skills through education, preparation and practice. During a negotiation process, an issues is addressed, a problem is resolved, and a conclusion is derived. Actions are based on what is agreed upon in the negotiation. Having great negotiation skills is an asset.

The Seven elements describes the essential tools needed to identify our goals to initiate negotiations
  • Interests
  • Legitimacy
  • Relationships
  • Alternatives and BATNA
  • Options
  • Commitments
  • Communication


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