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Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Management Development Program (MDP) on Leadership through “Emotional intelligence” was conducted on date 08th September 2021 at the Vivanta (Taj) Hotel by Baroda Management Association. The Faculty Mr. Rajesh Jain, a Corporate Coach, mentor & MD of Epitude, UK has conducted the Program The intensive workshop was attended by few dignitaries who were deeply interested in the subject.

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. Some researchers suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim it’s an inborn characteristic.

President of BMA, Mr. Dipak Shah formally welcome the speaker Mr. Rajesh Jain and all the participants.

Mr. Jain had organized right from the point of introducing -not ourselves, but another participant, he guided the attendees towards self awareness and their own emotional score elaborate questioner. Other such exercises and fan games lead the audience to understand the emotional needs management, other personal relations conflict resolution reducing negatively and negative emotions, addressing ego and anxiety, proper communication and maintaining a positive and calm approach. He spoke about 7 spiritual laws of success, i.e. Law of pure potentially, Law of Giving, Law of Karma, Law of least effort, Law of intention and desire, Law of detachment and Law of dharma. He also explained the skills of self motivation. Cultivating an empathetic personality self through harmoniums and co operative work culture and own spiritual awareness. He explained the haws of success and the Maslow’s motivation modal.

Lastly Mr. Kalpesh Shah Hon. Secretary of Baroda Management Association Distributed the certificate to each participants and concluded the session with the vote of thanks.


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