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Chanakya in You

Chanakya was a teacher, philosopher, economist, and statesman who wrote the Indian Political treatise, the Arthashastra. He played an important role in the established of the Maurya dynasty. Born in a poor Brahmin family, Chanakya was educated at Takshashila (Now in Pakistan), an ancient center of learning located in the north western part of India. Chanakya was very proud of Chandragupta who was able to win the test. Chanakya gave him rigorous military training for 7 years. Under Chanakya’s guidance, Chandragupta became a capable warrior. Chanakya always wanted to overthrow the Nanda dynasty of Dhanananda and establish the Maurya empire. Chandragupta formed a small army without thinking much and attacked Magadha which was the capital of the Nandas. But Chandragupta’s small army was crushed away in front of the huge army of Nandas. Chanakya’s hand burned at the beginning for making a foolish decision. Chanakya and Chandragupta began to roam in frustration after the defeat.

The MOC Shivangi Yadav started the MDP by introducing about Baroda Management Association and then introduced the President of BMA, Mr. Dipak Shah and invite him to formally welcome the speaker.

Mr. Dipak O Shah President of Baroda Management Association Formally Welcome the speaker Mr. Shailesh Thakkar and all the participants. Mr. Shailesh Thakkar an MBA Corporate and Educational Trainer, Ex advisor with TRIFED (Govt. of India) and SCOPE (Govt. of Gujarat). He spoke about chanakya Represents, Teacher, Leader, visualize and Base Identify of Chanakya .He also discuss about the seven pillars of a success : Anivikshiki , Mentor, Leader, Manager, Decision Making and Alliance Creator, Up skills and Failure Mindset Phobia. Chanakya Says: “All urgent calls he shall hear at once , but never put off for when postponed, they will prove too hard or impossible to accomplish”. “Student Mentality is a typical mob mentality and even they can’t develop ideal alliances”.

After that he discuss about the Five Vowels for Success, A- Attitude E- Emotional Quotient I- Id O- Opportunity U- Utopia.

After that the participants asked speaker various questions and Shailesh Thakkar the speaker for the event explained them very calmly and participants were also satisfied with answer. Lastly Mr. Kalpesh Shah Hon. Secretary of Baroda Management Association gave the vote of thanks and concluded the session.


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